“You only get to know
who you really are in a crisis
— Oprah Winfrey
During difficult times, humans must unite to bring forward only the best; relationships must become stronger so they can stand harder tests.

This is why Teleperformance and Chef Point
joined forces to provide you with a special delivery service to help you get through this difficult period without losing your pace.

Now, you have access to healthy meals,
comfy snacks, delicious desserts and essential items, all for a record low price and without leaving the safety of your home.


We have a broad selection of products available for your convenience and protection.
Enjoy free delivery on all orders during this difficult period.


Delicious cakes and desserts


Snacks like frites and toasts


Snacks like frites and toasts


Yogurts and Milk products


Healthy ingredients, delicious recipes.


Sodas and pressed juices


Fill up your pantry


Snacks like frites and toasts


Spend this period fully stocked

Stay Home
With Our Help

With us you don’t need to be exposed, wasting time in long supermarket lines, only to find out the product you want is sold out.

We can deliver your favorite items, daily, right to your door, all without effort on your part.

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